NASA Study Confirms UFO Sightings in the Ancient World

roman sculptureWhen you look at all the reported sightings of UFOs throughout history, a theme slowly emerges amongst records and witness testimonials. It’s not a modern phenomenon either, when you take into account that the description of unidentified flying crafts has been remarkably consistent. NASA researchers have put together a comprehensive study that chronicles UFO sightings all the way back to ancient times. Some of these reports have been dismissed as made up or accredited to natural events, but there are still many that continue to puzzle space study scientists.

Whether you believe in alien space ships or not, you have to acknowledge the fact that this is a global occurrence that covers a wide range of cultures and societies, and spans over thousands of years.

One of these sightings is chronicled by the Roman historian Plutarch, who describe the event being witnessed by thousands of Roman soldiers. It happened in Phrygia, which is today known as Turkey, during the Roman campaign against the armies of King Mithridates the Sixth. As the Roman legions marched to the planes of Otryae, where the battle was set to take place, a massive body appeared in the sky, enwreathed in great flames. The object tore the heavens apart as it descended between the two opposing forces. According to Plutarch, many of the soldiers and generals on both sides took this as a sign from the gods showing their displeasure with the war. In the end, no battle was fought that day and the two armies withdrew to their respective camps to contemplate on what had just happened.

Roman records describe the object as being shaped like an amphora, encased in liquid silver and with huge flames surrounding its outer shell.

ancient ruins

While this suggests the object could be a meteorite, NASA researchers and modern historians disagree. Meteorites were well-known and documented in the ancient world, and Plutarch describe the object to be floating in the air without making an impact. Incidentally, the region of Phrygia was at the time greatly devoted to star gazing and worship of heavenly bodies. Had the unidentified object been a meteorite, it most likely would have been recorded in local texts and been brought to one of the temples. No such records have been found and the documents concerning Phrygian meteorites make no mention of the event.

There’s still a chance that the object was a meteorite of the less common variety. Bolides are not black, like most other meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere, but are brightly coloured and have tendency to explode before impact. What intrigues NASA and modern scholars is simply this: Bolides were also known by ancient astronomers, and Plutarch would have surely been able to distinguish a common meteorite from a UFO. He wasn’t the only learned individual in the ranks either, which adds to the mystery surrounding this object.

A silvery craft with flames spurting out from its sides, that just happened to descend and hover between two armies right before battle…

How likely is it that this was a freak natural phenomenon?

ancient bright light

By Grabthar's Hammer! The X Files Are Coming Back to Television...

x filesBack in the 90’s, viewers were exposed to the phenomenon known as The X Files. The series, produced by 20th Century Fox, became an instant hit and reignited a global obsession with aliens and government conspiracies.

The show starts with the protagonist, Fox (wow!) Mulder, watching his sister being abducted by strange beings engulfed in bright light. Jump ahead a few decades and Mulder is now the head investigator for the “X Files” department at the FBI, handling cases of paranormal and unexplained nature. He is, in fact, the only investigator as most people at the bureau consider the somewhat obscure branch a joke – an outdated leftover from the days of J. Edgar Hoover, and regularly ridicule Mulder in his quest for what he calls “the truth”.

In an attempt to close down the section for good, the head honchos assign Mulder with a new partner. Dana Scully is a trained psychologist and a firm sceptic when it comes to anything extraterrestrial or supernatural. Her job on the surface is to assist Mulder in his casework, but her real assignment is to evaluate his mental capability and report back to her superiors. After a rocky start, the newly formed duo sets out on their first mission. What happens next will forever shake Scully’s beliefs to the core and eventually leading to her becoming a true companion and friend to the outcast agent.

mulder and scully

The show was a massive success during its original run and lasted nine seasons. Viewers were glued to the screen as Mulder and Scully tackled everything from the good old “monster of the week”, in the shape of boogeymen and old fairy tales, to the sinister plot of a shadow government with a hidden agenda. It soon becomes clear that these mysterious men of power have a direct connection with his lost sister, and possibly the aliens behind her abduction. This particular theme struck a nerve with the audience – a wake-up call to what was happening around themselves, perhaps?

After a decade on hiatus, you’ll be delighted to know that the show is coming back on the air. All the former stars are confirmed being cast in their old parts, and while there’s no official release date sets, chances are you get to follow special agents Mulder and Scully on a brand new series of adventures and intrigue in a very near future.

The truth is out there – words that never go out of style…

i want to believe

The Coming of the Tenth Planet? Reported Sightings of Nibiru on the Internet

The planet of Nibiru is a hot topic amongst UFO enthusiasts and alien conspiracy theorists these days. Plenty of believers in the existence of this mysterious planetary object are convinced that Nibiru is the home of our evolutionary ancestors and that its coming heralds the end of the world. Apparently, the end is nigh, as video footage of the planet has appeared on the internet. Self-proclaimed doom prophet Melissa Huffman has posted a video on YouTube, claiming to have captured the elusive planet on film as it’s heading towards Earth on an imminent collision course. Her footage shows a bright object hovering close to the sun, that could be the fabled tenth planet.

Planet X

This discovery comes only days after a strange, pyramid-shaped UFO was spotted over Sao Paolo in Brazil, which sparked a heated debate in the extraterrestrial community. Unidentified crafts of this particular shape are known to have visited Earth on several previous occasions. Some of these are singular objects while others appear in group formations. This isn’t the first time Brazil has been visited, either. In 1996 a large pyramid object was recorded floating above the city of Pelotas. The vessel appeared to be a mother craft of some sort with smaller UFO’s flying in and out of it. Quite a few seem to have connected this sighting with the alleged coming of Nibiru as part of one momentous event that will forever change life on Earth. Is it possible that these sightings are scouting parties from Nibiru that increase in activity as the planet draws closer?

Brazilian Flying Pyramid

Sceptics and mainstream scientists dismiss the claim as preposterous and point out that the Sao Paolo sighting was captured by using a magnified zoom, making the pyramid UFO no bigger than a small bird. This hasn’t quelled the rumours going around amongst conspiracy theorists, who are certain our planet is facing an invasion unlike anything that has been witnessed before, and that our makers are indeed pushing Nibiru on a course for Earth.

Comments regarding the bright object in the sky involve the coming of an extraterrestrial master race that is said to inhabit the mysterious planet, commonly known as Planet X or Nemesis. Once the planet has been sighted, ancient records state that the world will have 40 days to prepare for the coming doomsday. It has happened before, last time was 15,000 years ago, and the cycle is apparently about to repeat itself once more.

On the other hand, there’s the (albeit unlikely) possibility that the footage is nothing more than a product of a lens flare effect. One user suggested that Nibiru is nothing more than a tropospheric reflection that occurs when sunlight hits atmospheric ice crystals. The bright spot is not the legendary tenth planet, it’s sunbeams scattered in the clouds. The phenomenon is well-known and is still a remarkable sight, as it is quite rare.

Start prepping for the imminent apocalypse, or enjoy one of nature’s wonders?

You decide.…

How Many Abductees are There Amongst Us, Without Even Knowing It?


Have you ever woken up after a dream that seemed so vivid you could swear it was real? What if it wasn’t your subconscious cleansing your mind of unfinished thought cycles and repressed fears and anxiety, but something actually occurred? It’s a scary concept, and something that is supposedly happening to hundreds of people each year. A lot of these experiences involve being abducted by unknown entities, possibly from another planet.

Alleged abductees say they’ve been taken from their homes or cars by bright lights, to later find themselves on operating tables in strange medical facilities and subjected to bizarre experiments. These experiments range from physical examinations to forced sexual relations. The abductees are then returned to the place where they were taken, with no memories of the abduction itself or the events that led up to it. It is only through regressive hypnosis that these memories are recovered, often with traumatic consequences for the victim.

The most famous case involves a married couple, Barney and Betty Hill, who back in 1961 while taking their annual vacation trip they were stopped by a bright light in the sky. The light turned out to be coming from an unidentified craft, piloted by extraterrestrial beings. The couple were brought aboard a bigger mothership and subjected to a series of experiments before they were returned to their vehicle. It wasn’t until years later that this event was confirmed with the help of a psychologist specializing in repressed memory retrieval.

When studying these reports and claims, a few common factors are instantly established. There’s always the presence of extremely bright light and a sense of numbness or loss of motor skills described by the subjects. Experimentation and medical procedures are always involved in some way, and the memories of the abduction are temporarily erased. It is only via external stimuli that these memories are able to resurface, which raises the question of how many other victims there could possibly be out there.

Perhaps someone you know has been taken, only they don’t recall the event? Maybe you yourself are carrying repressed memories and don’t even know it?

Just a thought – or is it?

taken by aliens

Did Humans Create the Pyramids or Was Someone Else Responsible?

alien architectsThe pyramids of Giza in Egypt are a true work of wonder. Allegedly built as tombs for the ancient pharaohs, these astonishing feats of engineering have endured for thousands of years, and have captured human imagination for just as long. History tells us that these massive structures were built from hand-hewn rock and assembled by slaves. But were humans at that time really responsible for creating something that even modern architects struggle to recreate, or was there something else behind it?

Egyptian folklore describe the pharaohs as gods, or direct descendants from them, with supernatural powers and abilities. They are said to have access to vast knowledge and advanced technology, which seems to indicate that their origin lies beyond our Earthly plane.

There’s also the fact that pyramids have been found all over the world amongst civilizations completely independent from one another, with almost identical features and similarities.

Where did this idea to construct pyramids come from and how were these people able to build them in such symmetrical perfection? One popular theory involves visitors from outer space, who frequented our planet several millennia ago and directly influenced human evolution and the development of integrated societies.

The gods and kings of old are nothing but extraterrestrial astronauts who have passed into the world of myths and legends. It makes sense that an advanced race of beings could travel across our world, creating or initiating the concept of these structures on different continents and thus explaining why we have found pyramids in every high-level society throughout the history of mankind. Anti-gravitational machinery could also be responsible for putting up the massive pyramids in what old records describe could be done in an incredibly short amount of time and with needle-eye precision.

pyramids and aliens

The idea of these monuments as nothing more than royal tombs seems more and more far-fetched, so what was their purpose?

One can possibly explain it by examining the locations of the most famous pyramids in relation to Earth’s rotation and its magnetic field. They all line up according to satellite data, with each one occupying the space of a certain focal point of magnetic energy and force fields. There’s simply no way these people could have known this unless they were being guided by someone who could observe our planet from above, and who had access to astronomical knowledge.

Astrological theorists suggest that the points of energy were used as conduits, transferring great amounts of magnetic plasma to other locations on Earth, as well as off planet. Perhaps alien beings used the pyramids as a way to process the Earth’s natural occurring energy fields which enabled them to traverse great distances in a matter of seconds, and even open up portals to other dimensions.

Whatever the purpose, the pyramids continue to fascinate and mystify us to this day. A true wonder in every sense of the word, and maybe also a testament to humanity’s interaction with extraterrestrial visitors.

the pyramids of giza

Ancient Aliens Create Modern Investment Frenzy in Gold and Precious Metals

Old Mesopotamian legends tell the tale of the Annunaki; highly advanced beings who visited Earth thousands of years ago and were worshipped as deities by the Sumerians. Ancient texts, paintings and inscriptions describe how the gods from outer space descended upon our planet, and that they are our direct ancestors and creators.

sumerian gods

The Origins of the Space Gods

The Annunaki themselves were the offspring from the gods Anu and Ki. According to the translation, one shouldn’t consider these two as separate beings, as Anu is said to be the one responsible for creating the first intelligent life, while Ki represents the planet. This makes the Annunaki the race that Anu breathed into existence on Earth after his original servants, the Igigi, rose up against him and revolted. The Annunaki in turn created the human species as a labour force. Originally, mankind was immortal, just like their creators. As the human population began to multiply beyond control, the gods decided to cull the numbers through natural disasters, famine and disease. The Great Flood that is described in the Bible (which introduced the concept of Noah’s Ark) is said to have been caused by the Annunaki in order to wipe the slate clean, so to speak.

Why the Gods Created Man

Why did the gods need to create human servants, and for what purpose?

The answer is resource excavation. The Sumerian gods used gold and precious metals to power all of their technology, and they had to create a work force big enough to dig up the gold located across the globe. The gold was used in a fusion reaction, creating a plasma containing vast amounts of energy. A cube with less mass than a single hair strand would have enough power to supply half a continent with clean energy.

Some of the metal was processed and used in what can best be described as nuclear reactors. The rest was shipped on gigantic ships back to the planet of Nibiru, said to be the original home of Anu.

gods digging for gold

The Modern Gold Frenzy

In the last decades, the belief in the old tales have resurfaced, with some theorists claiming that the Annunaki are still amongst us and very much active. Alien-human hybrids do their biddings from behind the curtains, in the guise of noble families and the wealthy elite. The central banks’ hoarding of physical gold resources is supposed to be evidence that the alien gods are still mining the Earth for their machines.

The many uses of precious metals, and the notion that we may soon run out, has caused investors to buy a lot of the world’s gold supply in an attempt to compete with these visitors from another world. Investing a personal fortune in gold bullions becomes an insurance policy for million dollar investors in an unsure economic climate, but it also acts as a bargaining chip and strategic weapon for the believers to use for barter with the Annunaki.

Gold seems to be the best way to invest in a secure future for the ancient aliens crowd, both financially and personally, as the Annunaki are still around. They use economics to maintain a hold on us, while they empty our planet of precious resources. Buying lots of gold is currently the best means to protect yourself and your family from any coming disasters – whether you’re into Mesopotamian mythology or not.